New Bay Area Vessel to be “Greenest” Wooden Tall Ship Ever Built

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March 8, 2012


“New Bay Area Vessel to be “Greenest” Wooden Tall Ship Ever Built”

An effort to build the Bay Area’s first wooden tall ship in nearly 100 years has loftier goals than just launching an historically inspired vessel. The Educational Tall Ship for San Francisco Bay (ETS) strives to be the most environmentally sustainable vessel of this type ever built. From construction through operation ETS is looking at every aspect and making every effort to mitigate or eliminate negative environmental impacts.

Starting with sourcing materials from local and regional suppliers, the Educational Tall Ship will utilize only FSC certified or reused/salvaged lumber in the hull, decks and cabins. “Buying local is not just about promoting local business, but in our case, where materials weigh thousands of pounds, the fuel burned to ship the materials is a big factor.” Said Mark Hintzke, who is in charge of ETS’s environmental program. “We can actually save money and cut our CO2 footprint.”

ETS will also utilize the latest in low-toxic and non-toxic paints and coatings, locally forged bronze fittings and fasteners and sail cloth that will be highly recyclable. “We are hoping to meet the parameters of the “Living Building Challenge”, which is a set of building and design imperatives that are more stringent than LEED Platinum. We want to be the first “Living Vessel” ever built.” added Hintzke.

Maybe the most impressive aspect of the design is the innovative hybrid drive that will be used to power the ship. By utilizing wind power while under sail, the ships electric motors will act as generators to charge up and top off the vessels large battery banks. The design of the system should allow the new ship to operate without burning any fossil fuels under normal conditions. Additionally, the shore power for the vessel will be provided by the large solar array that was recently installed at the Bay Model in Sausalito which will be the ship’s home port.

Ultimately the ship will be operated as a teaching platform for Bay Area youth and adults. “Building and sailing a ship like this can really make a difference in how people view their environment.”, says Alan Olson the Executive Director of the project. “We just started our fundraising in the summer and we already have found an overwhelming enthusiasm for the project from our supporters.”, adds Olson. “I think the real enthusiasm comes from their knowledge that this is not just going to be a museum piece, but a living and operating vessel that can have a real impact on Bay Area youth and the greater community.”

During the construction process an interpretive center will be operated at the site that will illustrate how these vessels are built and how they interact with their surroundings. Educational opportunities, through workshops and interactive exhibits will augment programs geared directly towards youth education. “We plan to run as many hands-on educational programs for kids as we can,” declares Sam Schow the Educational Programs Coordinator, “Everything from field trips and afterschool programs to mini summer camps where the kids are encouraged to participate in projects that go directly towards building the ship.”

ETS is currently in the planning stages, with hopes to begin the construction in the Spring of 2012. Once a site is secured and the interpretive center is set up programs will begin. “We are really looking forward to getting the kids involved,” says Schow, “We believe that their involvement will give the greater community the sense of pride and ownership that will truly make the vessel the Bay Area’s tall ship.”


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