Volunteers Pitch-In to Help Build Wooden Tall Ship

Educational Tall Ship Inc.

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January 18, 2012


“Volunteers Pitch-In to Help Build Wooden Tall Ship”

Sausalito, CA – Educational Tall Ship of San Francisco Bay (ETS) is starting the process of building a traditional wooden tall ship of the type that used to ply the waters of the Bay before there were bridges. The 130 foot brigantine schooner is modeled after the schooner “Galilee” that was built in Benicia in 1891 by renowned shipbuilder Matthew Turner. While building a wooden tall ship is a large enough task in itself, the ETS project is a whole lot more ambitious. “We want to include kids and the rest of the community wherever we can.” says, Alan Olson the founder of the project. “We really want to make this the Bay Area’s tall ship, so including the community in every way possible is a big plus for us.”

During the construction process ETS will include many different programs that will allow the community to get involved. While continuity for the construction will be provided by a professional, full-time crew, there will be opportunities for experts as well as novices to come to the site and pitch-in. Many of these opportunities will be for long-term volunteers who come out to the site regularly to offer their knowledge and their sweat. Other opportunities will be short-term or one-time offerings allowing people from all backgrounds and age groups to get involved.

“We are planning to include ‘workshops’ where the public will be invited on weekends or evenings and a short class will be taught where the volunteers contribute to the construction.” claims Sam Schow the Educational Program Coordinator for the project. “There are also a lot of repetitive tasks that can be augmented by volunteers of all ages. These tasks are critical to the ship, but can be accomplished by just about anyone with a minimum of training.”

As construction goes forward ETS will work at defining these opportunities and broadcasting them to the public through social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, as well as through more traditional outlets.


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